Winter isn't over yet..

Okay, I was wrong, sunglassseason hasn't start yet [Unfortunately..]. When I walked out the door yesterday it was freezing, literally. So I had a winterproof outfit on, with a legging, but I didn't like it too much with so I took it off for the photos :)

The sweater was stolen from my dad and the jacket was another piece that I found in my mom's closet that she hasn't worn for 10 years, so she doesn't mind if I'd took it :)

(Jacket - Edgar Vos, Sweater - ?, Shoes - Laura di Sarpi, Belt - New Look)

P.S. For my friend Fabiana, the closet of Dulcecandy88:

P.P.S. Also for my friend Fabiana, I was talking about these outfits that I really liked:

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