Simply Marched

 (Blazer - Mondi, Basic Top H&M, Shorts - Vintage, Tights - Somewhere in Barcelona, Shoes - Puma, Ring - Random little shop)

I finally have something green in my closet! This blazer from Mondi is a real 'vintage piece', because it's been owned by my grandmother, and she gave it to my mother. And my mother gave it to be (okay, I borrowed it without permission, but I think she wouldn't mind). A friend and I agreed upon to wear this, but unfortunately I don't have a photo of us together (wearing this outfit ofcourse). 

 Yeah yeah, I know I have a ladder in it, but I really wanted to wear this because of the cute hearts!

 And after 'shooting' le photos, I had a little bit too much fun with a trashthingy...

And then I walked alone.. to my home. (Because the trashthingy can't walk.)



  1. The vintage blazer and the ring are nice. Wasn't it very cold to wear shorts?

  2. Well it was okay, but I'm used to it :)

  3. Great look!
    Only I find the sneakers a little too much. But that blazer is great!


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