Chique Milano

For some reason this outfit really reminds me of Milan (not that I've been there, but I've saw so many photos and I'm just in love with the whole city, even more than with Paris). There is just something about fashion in Milan. I think fashion in Milan is more fun and less serious than fashion in Paris. It's more outgoing, colorful and fun, and that's what I like. Don't take me wrong, Paris has the most beautiful, creative, unique, inspiring, unthinkable, imaginative (whoa, those are a lot of words) fashion, but Milan is just more of my style :)

(Blazer - Amelie & Amelie, Shirt - H&M, Pink top - DEPT, Necklace - got from a friend somewhere in Pakistan, Pants - ?, Shoes - New Look)

I don't think the color pink makes my skin look good, but I don't really care about what flatters my body, what color I should wear, and which type of clothes make me look skinny. I just wear things that I really like, that are comfy (well.. sorta..?) and that are my style :)

Sorry for all this talk about nothing, haha :)


PS. Got some important testes coming up! So I might post less than usual. ;)

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