A fun day

Today I went to the Unilever (where my mum works) to take a look into the lab, my mothers office and more. It was a really fun day, and I even met two women who told me about colors (on clothes) and said my outfit was well put together (yay me :D hahahah). I ate cake, ice-cream, hotdogs, candy... did I said ice-cream?

The Lab

Laboratories are not for nerds, or boring people. It can be really fun! My mother told me about all kind of things, and I actually liked it! Look with me at the pictures.

Oh, Paris!

It has been a while ago, but I went to Paris in April for a almost a week. I kept forgetting to post pictures, but the time has finally arrived.


My little weekend in Amsterdam

So, my father (I rather call him: the-man-who-has-a-lot-of-nosehair) works at a comany, and once a year they organize a trip with lots of fun activity.

Saturday morning we left, going to Amsterdam. It was about one and a half hours.

The hotel was freaking awesome, with a beautysalon, like 6 restaurants, 3 eatingsalons, and a few cute bars. Also a hairdressroom, kids-play-paradise, a tennis court, squash room and gym.


Bershka is opening her webshop!

For the next week you can add a new online shop favorite to your shoppinglist. Because Bershka has opened a new webshop today, which sends to England, Deutschland, Portugal, France, Italy (Zfoe.. I love Italy <3), Spain  and yes, the Netherlands (where I live, so yay me!).


Home... sweet home

I'm moving soon yay! Today I was standing in furniture shop, just couldn't decide which kind of style I wanted my new room. So for all the people who have the same issue, I found some amazing pictures, which inspire me a lot.

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