International Love II

 I'll have my testweek again in two days, so I decided to go studying on my balcony/terrace. It was very warm today so I switched my jeans and boots in a short and bare feet.

International Love

I tried to make a kind of Italian look with my nails because it's one of my favorite countries in the world :) And the white one with the red cross is the flag of Milan (fave city in the world) and a mustache on the thumb (fave thing of the world).



I don't know, animal print is not really my every day style, because I think it can look kind of trashy pretty fast. I tried to combine it with some basic items to keep the balance in my outfit.



(Blazer - Bershka, Skirt - Bershka, Shoes - River Island)

Yeey, it finally got kind of warm this week, but I still didn't dare to wear this outfit without legging. Between the lessons we went outside and while enjoying the little bit of sun we ate an ice-cream (well I threw it away.. long story) and just chatted a little bit.



I never ever thought this dress would fit me anymore. Okay, it didn't fit 100 percent (at the back the zipper couldn't go to the top, but I had a jacket over it on) but I think it's quiet an achievement because I got this dress since I was seven (!!). It's a bit short to call it a dress now, more like a tunic, but I love it :)

I love that the jacket has a kind of vintage feeling to it, and it match with my dress (ofcourse, it's a set). I really can't remember were I (my mom) bought it, and the label is really unreadable, sorry..!
Oh by the way, those pink words on my arm weren't wrote by me :)


Winter isn't over yet..

Okay, I was wrong, sunglassseason hasn't start yet [Unfortunately..]. When I walked out the door yesterday it was freezing, literally. So I had a winterproof outfit on, with a legging, but I didn't like it too much with so I took it off for the photos :)

The sweater was stolen from my dad and the jacket was another piece that I found in my mom's closet that she hasn't worn for 10 years, so she doesn't mind if I'd took it :)

(Jacket - Edgar Vos, Sweater - ?, Shoes - Laura di Sarpi, Belt - New Look)


New in: Shoes, ELLE & Candy

Yeey, I got some new stuff again! My mom saw those shoes and she liked them, so she bought them. And I was like 'Yeey, a new pair of shoes to steal from my mom!' and she knew that, so she asked me to pay 5% of the price and I agreed. So it's basically my purchase too ;) And ofcourse ELLE for some inspiration, Christian Louboutin-ness and beautiful photos. And I heard Vogue is coming to the Netherlands! Hooray! :) Like, I like ELLE, but Vogue is just freaking amazing! <3 Oh, and I bought candy, filled with awesomeness.

Sunglasses season is officially opened!

Heey people :)
I always get a big smile on my face when I hear that the temperatures are rising, and when I feel the sun on my face and the wind in my hair (okay, there is wind in your hair in the winter too). A few days ago it was almost 17 degrees (which is kind of extraordinary for the Netherlands)! So I think it's time to officially open 'Sunglassseason!' I know it's kind of early, but it can never be early enough for ice-creams, the beach, surfing, shorts, colors and sunglasses, right?


PS This is the 100st post! Thank you so much for reading and following (:


New Header!

I found my old header a little bit boring, so I asked if someone could make a nice header for me (because I can't do it myself, obviously). It was the girl from http://noireglitter.blogspot.com/ who helped me :)

I choose the third one, and I really like it. Tell me what you think about it!



Get some luck

I’ve always believed that you can create your own luck, or at the very least, do as much as you can to set yourself up for luck. Sure, there have been times when I’ve been extremely lucky, but I am not relying on the powers of the universe to hand me anything on a platter.
And I do believe that some little things can help you, for example: I have a 'lucky bag full of lucky stuff':

My aunt gave it to me, to keep my most valuable stuff in it.

Photodiary #1

I went to the library [without my friends :( ] for a school assignment, but guess what I did?
 I had to post this, otherwise he will kill me :).


Simply Marched

 (Blazer - Mondi, Basic Top H&M, Shorts - Vintage, Tights - Somewhere in Barcelona, Shoes - Puma, Ring - Random little shop)

I finally have something green in my closet! This blazer from Mondi is a real 'vintage piece', because it's been owned by my grandmother, and she gave it to my mother. And my mother gave it to be (okay, I borrowed it without permission, but I think she wouldn't mind). A friend and I agreed upon to wear this, but unfortunately I don't have a photo of us together (wearing this outfit ofcourse). 


Symetric Lines

These pyramid houses are awesome, I want to live in one :(. I walked across a man who really looked like a gnome and he entered his pyramid house. Even though gnomes don't live in pyramids, it was very funny to see.
Okay, I really like the combination between print and bright. It gives a unique, unexpected twist on your day-to-day outfit.


New in: Cerruti 1881

^ Dust bag

First designer bag ever! (Historical moment)

I guess this is my new most-expensive item in my closet (above my Chanel sunglasses & Ralph Lauren knit). Okay, my mom paid it, if I would agree to share it with her. It's Italian leather, I love the color and I love that you can decide the size. I won't be wearing it too much because I'm kind of afraid that it will get dirty (I know, it's kind of weird). So yeah, just a really quick post about this Cerruti bag :)

Oriental Vibe

I found some interesting things when I was cleaning my room in my old house. I think Oriental things have a beautiful, peaceful and classy style.

I kind of adore this Chinese fan, I love the color, the peacefulness and the calmness of it. It also has a very special meaning to me.

At the back of my closet

I just moved in my new house (well, it has been 3 months ago, but still) and today I went to my old house to clean the last few things in my previous closet. I found some stuff I haven't worn, or have worn a long time ago. So I call it my vintage :)

Chique Milano

For some reason this outfit really reminds me of Milan (not that I've been there, but I've saw so many photos and I'm just in love with the whole city, even more than with Paris). There is just something about fashion in Milan. I think fashion in Milan is more fun and less serious than fashion in Paris. It's more outgoing, colorful and fun, and that's what I like. Don't take me wrong, Paris has the most beautiful, creative, unique, inspiring, unthinkable, imaginative (whoa, those are a lot of words) fashion, but Milan is just more of my style :)


Preppy days

 (Shirt & Dress (with bretels) Vintage, Cardigan - Only, Socks - Zeeman, Flats - River Island)


Aztec Gold

Aztec prints are going to be a big trend this summer, and I love it a lot, because of the South-American vibe of it.
So I recently saw Pirates of the Caribbean 4, and I suddenly fell in love with it (and with Johnny Depp :D), and in Pirates of the Caribbean 1 they search for Aztec Gold, so I thought that would be a suitable title :) 


Pastels & Polka dots

I painted my nails in pastel colors, because it's a huge trend this spring and I really like it! I'm not really a person who only wears trends, I just pick out some trends that I really like, and make it my own style ;).

Yellow one: Essence Colour&Go: Wanna be your sunshine (95)
Blue/Purple one: Essence Colour&Go: A lovely secret (86)

A Flower-Denim Relationship

 I wore my flower printed jeans from New Look today, because I really like the combination between denim and flowerprint. I think it's so feminine and sweet but cool and rough at the same time.
Now I look back at the photos, I have the feeling that I'm a 'country girl' because of the hat and denim blouse. But I wanted to be looking like 'It's almost spring!' :)

 I got those bracelets from my best friends on Valentine's day! (: (Bijou Brigitte & Vintage)


Wendy's lookbook: Trends Spring 2012

I just saw this video of Wendy, and I totally agree! I'll be doing a post about these trends soon, so keep an eye on my blog the following weeks! (:
In my previous post you saw that I already got some pastel nail polish, and I also got some pastel colored clothes a few months ago. A few days earlier I got printed jeans and more printed clothes, and I bought some clothes with bright colors a month or something ago. I guess I'm already up to date, but we can never be fashion forward enough, can't we? ;)
Thanks for the video wendy! :)



My hair this weekend

 Make a simple bun in your hair and fold your bandana/scarf.

 Stick the ends of your bandana underneath the other parts of your bandana.


Shopping Haul!

 I went shopping with my mom and little brother. We bought clothes at Steps, New Look, Monki and C&A. That's how shopping goes with my mom. She doesn't like going to a thousand little shops and buy one little thing everywhere (That's how I normally shop), but she likes to plan which shops to go, and buy a lot there. That's not really my idea of enjoy shopping, but you know, shopping is shopping :) [Wow, this just doesn't make any sense at all.]

(Leather Jacket - C&A, Hat - C&A, Polkadot shawl - Steps, Flower printed jeans - Monki, sweater - Steps)


(Dress - Eksept, Cardigan - S. Oliver, Panty & Belt - C&A)

I don't know why, but when I wore this outfit today, I felt like a little child, maybe because of the shortness of the dress. And I went to a barber shop earlier, so I don't need to use clips to get my hair out of my face anymore. Oh, and by the way: I painted my nails red!


Short post, I know.
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