My hair this weekend

 Make a simple bun in your hair and fold your bandana/scarf.

 Stick the ends of your bandana underneath the other parts of your bandana.

 And this is how it looks like when my hair is down.
And my hair cuff! Long lost, and I finally found it somewhere in my closet!

Sorry for the messiness ;).


P.S. New in! Pastels nail polish:


  1. Looks great! I tried it this morning (I watched a lot of video's from Bubzbeauty, she had kinda the same hair), but it won't work with my frizzy/short hair.

    The first polish from left, is that "My Lovely Secret (68)"? I really love that one!

    1. I actually really like bandana's with frizzy hair! It looks so ' swag' :)

      Yes is it, how do you know? :)


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