Aztec Gold

Aztec prints are going to be a big trend this summer, and I love it a lot, because of the South-American vibe of it.
So I recently saw Pirates of the Caribbean 4, and I suddenly fell in love with it (and with Johnny Depp :D), and in Pirates of the Caribbean 1 they search for Aztec Gold, so I thought that would be a suitable title :) 

I basically paired a high waisted petticoat and an oversized (42, normally I'm a 34) aztec printed jersey. Oh, and my 'fantastic' peanut necklace! My name is Linda, it rimes with 'Pinda' which is Dutch for peanut ;)



  1. You have such a nice style! And I want that peanut necklace too...

  2. Waar heb je die trui gekocht als ik vragen mag?


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Linda Ruan

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