I never ever thought this dress would fit me anymore. Okay, it didn't fit 100 percent (at the back the zipper couldn't go to the top, but I had a jacket over it on) but I think it's quiet an achievement because I got this dress since I was seven (!!). It's a bit short to call it a dress now, more like a tunic, but I love it :)

I love that the jacket has a kind of vintage feeling to it, and it match with my dress (ofcourse, it's a set). I really can't remember were I (my mom) bought it, and the label is really unreadable, sorry..!
Oh by the way, those pink words on my arm weren't wrote by me :)


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  1. No those pinks words in her arm were written by me xdxd
    Loveyouuu xxx Faby

    I love the photos so much



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