It's my diary, lookbook and escape of the world, all at the same time, at the same place. Please, be welcome to follow and discover the world filled with creativity, spontaneity and just simple fun.
Yes, that's me, the girl behind! :) Well, actually not behind, because I'm sure that when you visit my blog, you'll see lots of pictures of me. That's because my blog is about my life, my style and everything around me. I will not call myself a fashionblogger, I don't follow trends, it's just me :)

General information:
I listen to the name Linda Ruan (pronounced as roe-ann). I'm born and raised in the Netherlands, in a cute little city called Schiedam (I still live there ;D). I was born in 1998, so I guess I'm 14 now (ofcourse I am). I have a lot of hobbies like experimenting (and fail), cooking (well, I try to, until I burn my fingers), listening to music, looking to the stars, dancing in the rain, being goofy with my friends and ofcourse blogging. I don't take life so serious :)

I go dancing every week, because I love to dance, and I always have a happy moment after. I also jog a lot (okay, no I'm kidding, I tried it once but it just didn't work for me). But when it comes to sports like soccer, tennis, hockey and stuff, I'm a sport-noob.


My fashion style:
I think it's very hard for me to explain my fashion style. Sometimes it's more casual, sometimes over the top, but always me. I like fun colorful outfits, but also like chic and sophisticated black-white outfits, but I try to not wear anything too depressive. I'm really into Aztecprint right know, and pastels are nice too.


My motto is: It's just the loving spirit.
Because I think it's true, if we just live in love, there will be no troubles at all (I think).
And I also like: Do what you have to do, for you.
I know, it's a bit stolen from Johnny Depp (I adore him by the way), but it's so true. When you want your dreams to come true, just do it! Because it is for you, no matter what other say! Really, I know someone who went to Harvard and was a very good student there, but she didn't liked it at all, and her biggest passion was fashion! So she opened a cute little shop, and she is really happy now, because she does it for herself.

About my blog:

I started this blog at the end of July 2011. I've started this blog mainly for myself, because I like to look back at myself when I'm older. Another thing is that when I don't know what to wear, I can simply look on my blog and find own inspiration.
It will be mainly about my style, what I do and fashion around the world. But it's not just a fashionblog. I really like to post my ideas about some things in life. Also I'll post tips for everything in life/beauty/feel-good-related stuff. It's just a small grip out of my thoughts, life and world. 
Ofcourse, followers are always welcome, but I'm not obsessed with them. I know that I'm making this blog for myself. But when you follow me, I'll be following back (when I like your blog).
Lots of thanks to my little brother, who made lots of photos for me, and also to all my friends, which have been following my blog since the beginning and they support me a lot! And special thanks to my parents and ice-cream!

Well, thanks for reading this, haha :) I hope you enjoy my blog!

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