A fun day

Today I went to the Unilever (where my mum works) to take a look into the lab, my mothers office and more. It was a really fun day, and I even met two women who told me about colors (on clothes) and said my outfit was well put together (yay me :D hahahah). I ate cake, ice-cream, hotdogs, candy... did I said ice-cream?

The Lab

Laboratories are not for nerds, or boring people. It can be really fun! My mother told me about all kind of things, and I actually liked it! Look with me at the pictures.

 Sorry for my stupid fingers. I forgot to turn my swag off B-) Hahah, just kidding.

 I still don't know what these thing are... Something with bacteria.

 Where my mom works.

 I took a picture through a microscope!


Unilever also has a part that make hair products, Eau De toilet (fragrances) and shampoos. I mean not that I.. ok, yes, I admit, I liked this part (:

 Find me :D
 I have this one! Love, Peace, Planet. And somewhere underneath it says: And awesomeness.
 The 'hair-lab'.


 'Kleine acties, Groot verschil' means: 'Little actions, big differences.' Yeah sorry, my nails are not always perfect.

 Behind this thing, there was a table with information about fashion, bodytypes, colors and fashion designs. (Didn't took a picture of it, because there were too many people.)

 This really is all... pie.

Ben & Jerry..
I love B&J ice-cream, the flavors are powerful and original and the design of the cup is cute.

 Candy <3


Back home..

Of course I wanted to take some balloons (WITH HELIUM :D) back home..


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