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I really want to make my blog more personal, so adding photo's is the best way. But I really need a good camera (And I won't get one until Christmas), but I have not. So I will add my photo's of last summer, which I spent in Belgium, Spain and Portugal. Most of my photo's are taken in Portugal. I went there for about two weeks, but I only took photo's of one day, because I forgot to bring extra batteries -__-.

Where are you looking at?

1. Some random picture of me with my bear and Shopaholic-book in Barcelona.
2. After some shopping with my little brother in front of.. some kind of sculpture (: In Antwerpen, Belgium.
3. Eating ice-cream, lovelovelove.
4. A castle somewhere in Lisbon.
5. Lisbon.
6. Me, my mother, my little brother and my uncle, I've always wanted to do that! :D
7. Standing by some kind of sea, but I forgot it's name.
8. Idem dito.
9. This is a 'fashionable' street. I saw brands like Emilio Pucci, Gucci, D&G, Armani, Ralph Lauren and Prada, shining bright <3
10. 'The Golden Dress'.
11. Random photo with my little brother.
12. Me like this little cute trainthing.
13. A church, I think it's really beautiful!
14. A bit weird, but I'm pointing to Holland (where I live) and Lisbon (where the photo is taken).
15. Me in front of.. (Urgh, forgot this name too.)
16. River Tagus <33
17. Me and ehh a lot of boats ^^
18. I was kinda scared actually.
19. In Porto.. On our way back home.



  1. Youroutfit is sooocutee♥Maar je bent nederlands toch? Kan ik NL praten;)


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