My little weekend in Amsterdam

So, my father (I rather call him: the-man-who-has-a-lot-of-nosehair) works at a comany, and once a year they organize a trip with lots of fun activity.

Saturday morning we left, going to Amsterdam. It was about one and a half hours.

The hotel was freaking awesome, with a beautysalon, like 6 restaurants, 3 eatingsalons, and a few cute bars. Also a hairdressroom, kids-play-paradise, a tennis court, squash room and gym.

There were a few huge swimmingpools, out and inside. It was in the style of the Roman culture. With bubblebads, feet and hand bads, a sauna, another sauna and five more saunas with each a diffrent function. Oh and a spa, bowling and more and more.

AND THE MOST COOLEST THING WAS A FASHIONSTUDIO :O ofcourse I spended there a lot of time. There were so beautiful clothes. Everywhere high heels and pencil skirts. I'm so stupid, I forgot to take a camera of my phone or something, so I don't really have pictures.

But okay, I eat something (cheese croissants) and them I made some cupcakes with my little brother and 'baby-sitter' (Only for my little brother, not for me :p) It was a workshop, while my parents were doing beachgames with some people at the beach.

In the evening there was a juniordiner. I loved it, a lot of candy, cupcakes and all those not-healthy-but-oh-so-good-food. And the dessert... Oh my.. the dessert... Italian ice, pie, pudding, everything.. My parents ate salmon and more seafood.

Then I went bowling for two hours with a few teenagers. I came friends with some of them. Oh, the bowlingplace was so cool! Everywhere (even the walls and the floor) were lights, which could change color. The theme was 'Blame It On the Boogie' with everywhere disco lights and ehm youknow those kinda cool lights (sorry for my stupidness) :). But ehm, I lost, big time.
Then I went sleeping, and the next morning I went swimming. The breakfast was amazing, there were so many diffrent kinda things. I really enjoyed the weekend!


(These pictures are from the official site of hotel Zuiderduin).

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