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So, this professional blogger told me, followers would like to hear some 'personal' things. So I'm going to write a article about the places, shop and brands I like, and why.

1. H&M
H&M has so much and the most are following the trends. They change collection almost every two weeks. Perfect for basics (read: cheap) but sometimes there are special items. But, one disadvantage, the clothes are not very unique, everyone wears H&M.

2. New Yorker
Actually the same story as H&M. New Yorker has two 'brands' I like: Amisu and Fishbone Sister. Fishbone Sister is for some tougher, funnier and less serious clothes. Amisu stays with the trends and is little more 'grown up'.

A lot of people like to compare H&M with ZARA. Me too. But ZARA is a little more expensive, has more beautiful stores (my opinion). The clothes have a elegant touch, and are made out of very good fabrics.

4. Men At Work
The jeansspecialist! Most of my jeans came from there. A bit expensive, but you need to invest in a pair of good jeans. Men At Work has likable clothes, but not elegant enough for work (for a day picnic? Nice!).

5. APC (Paris)
The look here is simple but stylish: think perfectly cut basics in muted tones. Hip without trying too hard, its jeans are a big hit with denim aficionados - the skinny version nearly caused a stampede when they came out.

6. NafNaf Paris
J'adore this store (rimes!).
NafNaf Paris is very girly, bows, polkadots, high waisted with a little bit preppy. Really my style. But the prices are some higher.

7. River Island
Right! They have really good items there, and God, I love the shoes they have. Prices are nice, clothes are nice, stores are nice and name is nice. It's really not a store for 'just the basics'. It's serious business. 

My sneakers are from PUMA and I have a few Adidas jackets, jogging pants and T-shirts.

Actually I have a lot more 'normal' brands like Vero Moda, Esprit, Mexx, Guess, Bershka and Milano but 
otherwise I'm going to bore you to dead :P.

-Just saying, I'm not trying to show of my clothes, I just want to let you know I like those brands and what I have from those brands to give you an idea. -

12. Chanel
And now the big names come..! Ofcourse I don't have really much stuff from those brands, because they are very expensive, but just name the brands I have.
Well, the first is Chanel. I have a Chanel top, Chanel sunglasses and a lot of Chanel make-up, but I don't use it a lot because I'm not that make-up type. I watch Chanel fashionshows all the time, they inspire me a lot.

13. Dolce & Gabbana
I have a D&G fragrance and a D&G pantalon. I'm not wearing it a lot because it was so expensive and I'm too scared to wear it. Reader my Zara pants of $30 go damaged :P

14. Ralph Lauren
I only have a jersey from RL. It's very comfy and in the winter I wear it a lot. It was really good money to spend on. 

15. Polaroid
I have a pair of Polaroid sunglasses that I adore. I wear it all the time in summer.

16. Prada
I have a (vintage) Prada skirt, just recently bought. I gave it to my mother as a present, because it was more for 'older women' (sorry mams). 

17. Gucci
My mother has quite a lot Gucci items, because she loves it. She also has a pair of Gucci sunglasses that I wear most of the time.

18. Lacome 
I have a pink bag from Lacome, it's very beautiful, but a little bit too diva for me. I got it as a gift.

I also like to shop vintage, in little stores or outside on the street market. You know what they say: Little stores, great items.

Where do you shop?

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