One of my inspirations... Isabella!

So... hi! I'm sorry, I haven't add blog messages for a while, but I'm going to make it up for you!
So, one of my best friends is a girl named Isabella. I really like her style and she and me (or me and her, whatever) have plans to be a fashion designer when we grow up! :D But I think lots of girls want to be a successful fashion designer, it's just that, not everybody has the tools. 

On this picture:
-Isabella <3
-Me :D
-Isabella's house :)
-A car...
-And... fashionable people! (Isabella, me and the balcony, very French!) 
You know, French balcony or something... Lots of celebrities have them, really! 

Sorry, I'm stupid.
So now, the real and serious part, instead of this... ehm... talk about about (sorry, about about sounds funny!) stupid things.

Serious pokerface.

Sorry, It's really serious business, now just about serious things...
BUT THAT'S IT! Fashion isn't serious! It's funny and creative, spiritual and playful! So from now on we are not serious!
But we still can like tomatoes.
Oh my gosh, it's raining right now, on this very moment.

Interview with Isabella: 

Me: How would you like to describe your fashion style?
"My style is mostly casual, tuff, boyish but sometimes cute. Mostly with lots of accessories and sometimes a little bit special. I try to stay unique."

Me: What would you really not wear in public?
*Her first reaction was: "Uhm, something ulgy?" And then we laughed. But seriously.* "Something with fur. I really don't like fur, even though it's fake."
Me: Interesting.. (Okay, I'm not going to lie, I didn't say that for real. Just thinking it right now.)

Me: Which colors do you like the most if it comes to fashion?
"Just everything... I like mixing and matching."

Me: Which kind of item do you like the most?
"That's hard, I can't really choose. But I would say shoes. Yes, and especially sneakers, very cool (coowl sounds better right?) and funny ones. And also accessories. That's kind of a big word, but I mean especially caps. I don't have much of them right now, but when I have a lot of money, I'll make a big shoppingar  spree! Oh, and I have a lot of earrings and necklaces."

Me: What is your most expensive item in your closet?
"A white petticoat I think." 

Me: So, I've noticed your 'peace-necklace'. Can you explain?
"Well, it's such a simple shape but it has a very big and important meaning. And I just think the form is pretty, with lots of joyful colors."
Me: Wow, beautiful!

Me: What is your favorite accessory?
"Caps and necklaces."

Me: If you could built a walk-in-closet, how would it look like?
"Lots of content! Hahaha. I would really like a bar to just sit there and drink something with my friends when we are all checking out my huge closet and just having girltime, fitting my clothes. A catwalk to show my clothes, many mannequins. Everything has to be automatically controllable."

Me: What is your fave trend of this year?
"Color blocking, navy, boyfriend style and flower print."   

Me: If you could get EVERYTHING for free from one store or brand, which one would it be?
"From New Yorker. I prefer fishbone, that's more my style. But I like Amisu too."

What is your style? 
If you have a very unique one email me at lenigelastiekje@gmail.com


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