How to... dress if you have some more?

Big girls are beautiful.
It's very true, big girls are at least as beautiful as skinny girls. Maybe even more (to my opinion). Because they have beautiful curves, fuller breasts and but. It makes you more feminine and attractive. Now it's not that I say to you it's ok to just eat whatever you want because big is beautiful. No, you have to dress your figure well.
The Kardashians sisters have more curves, but they know how to dress (V-hals),  they are beautiful.

Your body is very beautiful, but if you really wan't you slim down with only clothing tricks, look below.

1. Most important tip of all: confident.
When you laugh and everybody sees you love your body, you're body will automatically look more beautiful. Also for skinny girls. You don't have confident? A few tips:

  1.  Flirt! Flirt with every boy you see. 
  2. Look at yourself in the mirror and say at least 10 times a day: I'm the most beautiful women on earth. I have beautiful, feminine curves and I dress my figure well.
  3. Laugh till you can't anymore!
  4. Hold your head up high and keep your posture right. 

2. Wear V-necks shirts or big round neck shirts.
Shirts with a high neck makes your breasts look bigger (so wear it if you are petite). Because a V-neck doesn't cover your whole chest it won't make you look bigger than you are. V-necks also accentuate the vertical lines.

3. Accentuate the vertical lines in your body. So..

  1. Wear one color. When your top color matches with the color of your pants, your vertical lines will not be interrupted. Also the accent is on your waist: your most skinniest part! 
  2. Wear one vertical line with buttons on your jacket.
  3. Don't wear horizontal stripes! Although the marine stripes are very in now, don't wear them. They make you look wider. Vertical stripes make you look longer and skinnier.
4. Wear a motive.
If you don't like your big belly wear a top with motive. People will look at the motive and not realize so fast the fact your belly is bigger.

5. Little bag
When you have more it's better to not choose a big bag. Overall you'll look very big. A little bag will keep balance with your body.

6. A line dresses
A line dress is perfect for you. They cover your belly and with the wide bottom your legs will look smaller also.

7. Dark colors
Do I need to say more?

8. Wrap dresses
Wrap dresses are a big do. They also slim down your belly a makes your breasts look better.

9. Wear heels!
Heels make your posture better and make your legs longer and skinnier. But, don't wear with a square toe and thick heels. They make you look shorter and heavier.

10. Chose the right fabrics.
Fabrics that make you look as you are: silk and wool.
Fabrics that make you look skinnier: cotton and cashmere.

11. Wear a jacket.
It's very popular to wear a jacket over a T-shirt and jeans. Don't close the jacket but leave it open. It also accentuate your vertical lines.

12. Wear lots of jewelry!
People will focus on the jewelry. Long necklaces will make your neck look longer. Your hips will be less in the spotlight and more accurate your neck. Also wear many bracelets and rings because they focus on your hands and wrists instead of your upper arm.

I hope it was useful to you.


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