Short List: Must Haves this summer

Every season has musthaves, I made a list for musthaves!

-Warning! Although we call them MUST haves, they're not fashionlaws! When the items are not your taste and style, DON'T buy it! -

1. The maxi dress
This item is making a comeback from 2007. No wonder, it's perfect for any occasion. Throw some sandals and a cute reedy bag and you're ready for the beach! Change and throw some pumps, some glitz&glam and a sparkling clutch to go to a chic restaurant.

2. Life is short
Actually shorts are in every summer. But this year especially the ripped one. You really have to balance everything! So, if you’re wearing a pair of ripped shorts, balance them out with a loose-fitting top, an XL tee, or a long tank top. 

3. Gladiator sandals
Perfect to give your sweet outfit some toughness. I personally prefer the brown leather type, because it match with, for example, your brown leather waist belt that you wear with an oversized blouse. Super with a flowerdress, but also awesome with skinny jeans. Make anything look tougher, more casual but still professional. 
4. Cropped top

 Fun and flirty, the keywords to a cropped top. Wear it with a tight top underneath. Or, for the fashion dare-devils, with nothing underneath (except for your bra ofcourse :P). Also perfect for the beach, only wear your bikini and your cropped top.
Cropped top with and without a tank underneath.

5. The fashionworld is repeating itselfs again and again and again. We see an old trend back... the circle skirt!
Cute with a cropped top, to cover your belly. Or wear it highwaisted, that will make your legs look so much longer. But, the circle skirt will looks stupid really quick. So, add heels or little boots (without heels) with lace.
  Are these items cute enough to enter your closet?

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