How to... dress if you're petite?

Usually, models are petite girls. No wonder, because the most petite girls can have every kind of cloth! But the most petite girls don't have obvious curves. Which items accentuate them? And which make your beautiful skinny body come out  better?

1. Wear tight!

What means, wear pencil skirts, tight tank-tops and no harem pants! Because harem pants make your legs looking bigger, while they're very skinny! Don't wear A-line dresses because they don't support your body type.

2. Wear chino's.
Chino's are like an inverted triangle, the upperside is wider, so your hips will look fuller. Lower on the pants smaller, so your skinny legs will come out perfectly.

3. Layers
When you're smaller and you want to look 'fuller' wear layers. A sweater over an a dress, a cute jacket over a white blouse enz. Legwarmers are great for layering. Heavy fabrics make you look fuller also.

4. Wear shoulder pats.
The most petite girls have little curvers, so you have to cheat a bit. Shoulder pats make your shoulders look 'bigger'. But when you have really small hips don't wear them. You'll transform your skinny body in to a inverted triangle.

5. Strapless
Skinny girls can have strapless because a girl with more have more fat around their armpit, what is not good to show everybody. Strapless is fun and flirty so enjoy it!

Skinny girls are already skinny ofcourse, but if you want to look even more skinnier, please click here.

Will you use these tips?


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