What To Do on Valentine's day?

Oh yeah, selfmade = proud me.

Yay it’s almost Valentine’s day!

You know what that means…

When you have a boyfriend:

1.     Pick him up, and spend some quality time together, just talking, looking into each others eyes and listen to    some music.
2.    Watch some romantic movies, with popcorn and cokes.
3.     Bake cupcakes (decorated with sugarhearts ;).
4.    Give each other a long big hug :D
5.     Slow dance (even when you two are alone at home, it can be romantic too)

When you have a crush on somebody…

1.     Tell him! You can be very surprised, and it’s very romantic to do it on Valentine’s day.
2.     If he rejects, do something fun with your friends, or do the things at ‘When you are happy single…’.
3.     If he doesn’t, look at ‘When you have a boyfriend’.

When you are happy single…

1.     Go shopping with your friend, or alone (alone is also fun, I’ll tell you later why.)
2.     Have a spaday at home (or at a spa), make facemasks, give yourself a manicure, pedicure, and  maybe a massage with fine oil. Then you can try weird hairstyles, beautiful make-up (it’s all about experimenting!) and new outfits.
3.     Watch some movies with a blanket, hot cocoa, and a lot of pillows :D

Have a nice Valentine!Xoxo

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